Barren, the tragedy of a woman who cannot be a mother, is based concerning the pilgrimage of Moclin, a people of Granada which Christ of the Cloth has reputation of treating the unfertility.

Six pictures of the " tragic poem " Lorca's represent the progressive suffering of a woman whose maternal frustration is treated listlessly and repression, a situation that leads her, first to experimenting with the witchcraft and later to taking part in the bacanal of the pilgrimage, where finally it sacrifices his last hope strangling his husband.

As the myth of an archaic religion established in the sacrifice of blood, Barren it is full of the imagery of the magic, and the magic, with his symbolic use of the objects, does of the whole spectacle a ritual celebration in which the personage of Barren in if same it assumes a mythical dimension: neither mother, nor virgin, manages to be another type of impossible Virgin, a species of reversed Virgin of Dolores.