- Better spectacle contest of young theatre Granada 1991.
- Better spectacle Lleida's Fira de Titelles 1999.
- Better interpretive offer Lleida's Fira de Titelles 1999.
- Better scenery. Theatre Cánovas. Malaga. Season 1999/2000.
- Better spectacle Section Off. Fair of Theatre of Street Theatrical 2004.
- Better prize spectacle for children The Musicians of Brenes in the Festival of Toulouse in 2008.
- Second prize to the Musicians of Brenes in Festival of Albaida's puppets.
- Valencia for the merger of the Fleming with the puppets.

Segres 4 of maig 99 The Fira de Titelles rewards grups catalans, bascos i andalusos L'adaptació d'EL KING DE IMPOSSIBLE LO of the grup andalús Owl Theatre goes to be rewarded com to millor espectacle i millor proposta interpretive.

Buho Theatre recreates Lorca's world by means of a few dramatic expositions of character naif. The contrast between the naiveté of what the marionettes represent and what he supposes in the geography lorquiana, was one of his better successes.

Owl is necessary to emphasize for his aesthetic ambition and for the height of his artistic Barren quality, spectacle produced by the Sevillian company Theatre. The manipulative actors move to poetical pace, dolls and domestic objects with exquisite precision, turning into art all that they realize in scene. The measure of the verse expresses in lacadencia of the steps, the shivers of the tragedy, in the fall of mantles or to float of veils.
For the putting in scene of this tragic poem, they use the animation of anthropomorphous objects, as wide symbolic content, in substitution of the word lorquiana. There it takes root in the great merit of this version of BARREN, in transmitting the poetry of the original text without the bellisima apoyadura of the verse, but with fewer plastic beauty.