Buho and Maravillas, it is created in November, 2007. The companies Buho Theatre and Theatre of the Marvels with more than 20 years of experience, in which they have received innumerable prizes of critique and public, decide, after having realized several joint productions together, like Divan the Terrible one, You operate in Miniature, History of a Gull and of the Cat that taught him to fly ó The Musicians of Brenes , to there join and to be created a new company, Owl and Marvels, to include these and future productions. After the merger of both equipments of work, the artistic and creative result has met enriched.

The company BUHO THEATRE, it was created in Seville in 1986 after the formation of his components by professionals of the world of the marionette of international prestige.

Since then they have taken part in national tours and in international festivals of marionettes. Supported in these years for púlico and critique that there have highlighted his aesthetic ambition and the height of his artistic quality, as well as the precision in the manipulation of marionettes and anthropomorphous objects, doing ostentation of a managing that stripes the perfection.

Test of it is the spectacle " History of a Gull " that has crossed almost the whole national territory and penetrate worldwide, and with the last production " The musicians of Brenes " finalist as FETEN's better spectacle 2008, better prize spectacle TITRIJAI 2009 and he has harvested a great success in the international festival of LLda's marionettes, Japan.

Jesualdo Díaz creates in the year 1988 the company Puppets of the Moon and later it happened to be call A THEATRE OF THE MARVELS, after having been formed in the High school of Dramatic Art of Seville and taking part in numerous courses for professionals of the marionette in the International Institute of Charleville Méziéres's Marionette (France).
From the year 1988 THEATRE OF THE MARVELS has taken part in the national territory and international in numerous theatres so much in school campaigns, fairs of theatre, in specific events of puppets, etc...