Three mechanics of planes begin to play in his place of work. In this game and using everything what they makes a detour, they tell us of a simple form, the really important thing, the human experiences rescuing them of the degradation to which it is submitted at present.

The king of the invisible thing contains a simple message and simultaneously revolutionary, prentende to remove the today man of the routine, the hurries, the tedium and overcoat, tries to rescue the human experiences of the degradation to which it is being submitted.

Simply it tries to provoke a more human way of life, to embrace the love that joins, that constructs and gives life. The King of the invisible thing, when he speaks to us, shows us that the rational thing is not only in the intellect, and it us discovers to the real new, eminently emotive man.

Our protagonist, us despliega an unpublished horizon on the personality of the human being, of simple and beautiful form:
<<Them essential it is invisible to the eyes ...>>
The essential thing! This is, which we try to show in this simple spectacle